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About Us

We are currently accepting resumes for .NET programmers.

Spectre has been in continuous business since 1993. We have been worked on many Federal, State and Local government contracts and have maintained the appropriate security levels for our personal on such programs as Dept of Army ammunition shipments and State of Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI).  Our software has had to meet and maintain standards for security for these and other programs.  We have successfully and without intrusion or data compromise, operated systems for Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) and credit card transaction processing gateways for Internet transactions at our location.

Our client track record shows that we stay on task as long as the client need exists and have maintained some clients and systems in excess of 12 years.   Spectre is a financially and professionally sound company with no debt or issues of solvency.  Clients have expressed their satisfaction by verbally thanking Spectre and paying all the invoices due without disputes.  Spectre takes pride in the work they perform for their clients and offers the best customer service possible.

The primary relevance of Spectre’s experience for any project is our success in rapid construction of new Database Management Systems (DBMS) and successful integration with existing government systems (such as Utah APCD).   Being able to license our large arsenal of in-house developed software components to our customers, we can offer unrivaled development cycles in the order of weeks rather than months.  In addition to our long experience of working with government personnel and finance systems, we specialize in design and support of Medical claims data systems.

Spectre provides extensive internal training programs for our staff to ensure they are up to date on the leading emerging technologies and programming techniques.  We ensure our staff has proficiency in the business rules and technical requirements of all projects they support.  The staff is also cross trained and redundantly supported by other employees to provide personnel backup on all projects.

DeAnn Holste

Founder and CEO

Jeffrey W. Holste

Software Architect

Andrew Holste


Matt Holste

System Admin

Our Mission

Listen to what is needed.  Design for exactly that, while looking for places with room to add scale for growth.   Never assume it will always work, so add processes for smoothly handling faults quickly.

We also do this.