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Custom Programming

Spectre many years of experience writing software.

Many of Spectre�s customers approach them with the need for custom programming.  We can utilize our vast library of functions and methods to quickly assemble most of solutions.  We�re also well equipped to integrate and follow reference documentation from other vendors to provide interfaces between systems.

We�re well versed in all Microsoft languages using visual studio; C#, C++, ANSI C,  VI.NET and other scripting.  We often can translate old source code into new contemporary and easily maintainable languages.  We are well versed with all manner of SQL based databases including Oracle, TeraData,  iSeries and Microsoft SQL.

We can do web services and NFC applications support.  We also have a good deal of experience using linux as a platform for automation.


Our Mission

Listen to what is needed.  Design for exactly that, while looking for places with room to add scale for growth.   Never assume it will always work, so add processes for smoothly handling faults quickly.

We also do this.