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Emdeon / UHIN Connectivity Solutions

Surescipts, Emdeon and UHIN are all claims message processing

With the advent of mandatory electronic claims specter leveraged its experience in  X12 and began to build databases with all the available value added networks of the time.  Since then consolidation by these VANs has brought an ongoing effort to build connection pieces for each based on their volume.

Spectre build the first fully automated provider side client to UHIN.  And was instrumental in developing their current web services platform for real time message transactions such as eligibility and claim status.  We still maintain the direct batch process for many different VANs including Emdeon, Ability and Availity.

We also work with the real time transactions for pharmacy through Emdeon  and Surescripts.  The solutions provide payers and providers with the means to reduce payment turnaround states and increase their cash flow by preventing in diagnosing claim pending issues.


Our Mission

Listen to what is needed.  Design for exactly that, while looking for places with room to add scale for growth.   Never assume it will always work, so add processes for smoothly handling faults quickly.

We also do this.