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Past Projects

Spectre has over 25 years of experience in software development.

Spectre has worked in many different industries in its 20 plus year history.  Most of our work was always based in some form of billing system.  With our department of army contracts we worked on bill of lading EDI and overseas shipments EDI applications.  In our manufacturing experience, we worked with work and purchase orders and invoicing.   In finance, we worked on budget and expense tracking,  as well as loan, lease, and payment processing.

With the advent of the Internet our E-commerce system and credit card processing increasingly became our main business.  While we built and operated our online sports registration system we still maintained ties to our billing world.

Far and away our greatest success has come from our medical billing software and components.  Over the past decade this is established us as a nationally reputable company.   With our state contracts and other long-term clients we have secured our long-term success and Financial Health for years to come.

We are not content to rest on our laurels but are now embarking on our masterpiece billing system.  Using all state of the art equipment platforms and coatings dials we hoped to produce a product that once again establishes  Spectre as a leader in software applications.


Our Mission

Listen to what is needed.  Design for exactly that, while looking for places with room to add scale for growth.   Never assume it will always work, so add processes for smoothly handling faults quickly.

We also do this.